About Kadee

    Kadee Sweeney is a celebrity master trainer and fitness model based in Dallas and Los Angeles. Born and raised in Texas, her love of movement and performing brought her to LA, where her career as a professional dancer led her to the fitness industry more than a decade ago as a dance and Pilates instructor.

    With a knack for noticing even the most subtle imbalances, Kadee teaches clients how to move intelligently, connect to smaller, more intrinsic muscle groups, and get muscle groups that are often neglected firing again.

    Her passion for training shines through no matter who she works with, and many have taken notice. Through word of mouth, Kadee has found herself working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music, and sports over the years. She trains clients in LA and in the Dallas area, where she has owned her own boutique studio since 2017.

    Kadee’s certifications include Pilates Sports Center Pilates Instructor (2008), Master Pilates Trainer (2013), 200-hour yoga certification (2018), and numerous continued education workshops on pre- and post-natal fitness, rehabilitation, and common problems. She teaches the Pilates Sports Center teacher training program to her peers, and she has even worked with prestigious doctors through UCLA’s Concierge Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai.

    With her studio shut down early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Kadee saw an opportunity to go virtual with her clients, and her servant’s heart drove her to start teaching free classes on Zoom and social media to help an even wider range of people feel better and reach the goals she herself is so passionate about. Her mission now is to give back, encourage others, and make her wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge accessible to a broader audience with KadeeFit.

    By sharing workouts that have been perfectly designed to address common issues and imbalances, as well as recovery segments and nutrition expertise on KadeeFit, she hopes to spread her unwavering positivity and light with everyone who could use it. Having gone through hardships herself, she hopes to inspire others to take hold of their health and happiness and chase their dreams.

    Learn How To Move And Channel Your Inner Light With celebrity Fitness And Wellness Coach Kadee Sweeney

    Kadee’s Mission is to bring the training and results her VIP clientele have come to love right to you with KadeeFit.

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