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Meet Founder of KadeeFit

Kadee grew up in a large family in Fort Worth, Texas where she found dance and cheerleading as an escape from her parents going through a tumultuous long divorce. With not having any direction in life, struggling with body image, and her burning desire to leave Texas, Kadee followed her peers in the way of college.
She soon realized that her passion for dance and eagerness to move to LA to chase her dream of being a professional dancer was at the forefront of her mind. After making the move to the big city of LA in 2001, she was still struggling with who she was and what her life would become from a small town, Texas girl.
With the darkness of the entertainment industry, she found light and hope by attending a local church and found herself in a teacher training program that changed her life forever.
Through pilates, she gained her self confidence and through her pursuit of bettering herself, she became extremely passionate about health and fitness. Kadee loves to encourage and uplift others by changing their mindset through the practice of pilates.
With almost 20 years of experience teaching pilates, extensive training and education, she is knowledgeable with common problems and injuries. By sharing KadeeFit workouts that have been perfectly designed to address these issues and imbalances, Kadee hopes to spread her unwavering positivity and light with everyone who could use.

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KadeeFit brings the training and results her celebrity clientele have come to love right to you.
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